Use Mock Tests to your advantage to ace IBPS PO

Start Gearing up for IBPS PO Prelims

IBPS PO prelims which are on Oct 13, 2018, leaving around 46 days for the preparation. The competition is soaring up year after year. And if this were not enough, the banking exams are throwing up surprises in the form of new kinds of questions. SBI PO did it this year and it is been speculated that IBPS PO will have their share of surprises as well. Well!

Whatever form of surprise any exam comes up with, if your basic concepts are crystal-clear, you should be able to tackle any question whatever novel form it takes. You just need to understand what concept is the question trying to check. The difficulty level of the questions has also been increasing over the years.

IBPS PO mock tests strategy

How to tackle new types of questions

As is already mentioned, the foremost requirement of tackling new types of questions is conceptual clarity. The next point which should be focussed on is being flexible and ready to embrace a new kind of questions. And to achieve this, you should face a number of different type of questions.

When you solve past years papers, you definitely go through what has been asked in past and get a simulated experience of the exam. But that’s it. It doesn’t have any new kind of question.

Here is how mock tests help you

On the other hand, platforms which prepare mock tests analyze the trends of questions which have been asked in the past. They come up with new kinds of questions which stimulate your mind. When you solve new kinds of questions you are at an advantage with respect to two points:

  • You may get a question in the actual exam of a similar pattern and since you have solved it before, it would be easy for you to solve it now.
  • Solve questions of new kinds basically makes you refresh your concepts. Solving mock tests on a frequent basis makes you adapt to new kinds of situations frequently which obviously helps in the actual exam.

Analysis and Ranking helps you too

There are other benefits of mock tests as well. The moment you finish a test instantly comes to an analysis which provides a detailed explanation of the questions which were answered incorrectly. This helps you to identify your mistake and to ensure that the mistake isn’t repeated in the actual exam.

Along with the detailed explanations, your weak areas are also highlighted by the analysis so that you can work and improve on it. You also get to know your rank in comparison to other test-takers. The rank tells you how much more you need to put your efforts to reach the top position.

Perfect time to take mock tests

What is the perfect time to start taking mock tests? Obviously now! Approximately 46 days are left for the exam and it is imperative that the sooner you start, the sooner you will get to know your weak areas and the questions you are going wrong with.

And the sooner you are able to identify and overcome your weaknesses, the better. Start with the first day by taking a mock test and spend the remaining day with its analysis. Identify your weaknesses and spend 2 more days on working on to improve them.

If you do this consistently, you should see a rise in your rank as you continue taking mock tests. There are a number of mock tests providers which allow you to take the first test free of cost. If you like the quality, you can buy the complete package. We hope this article has helped you in knowing what different ways can mock tests help you.