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IBPS Sentence Rearrangement Questions (Sentence Reordering + Sentence Correction basic rules)

Sentence rearrangement in English for bank exams – Most of the government and banking sector exam must have English paper as a common paper. Your basic English skills must be strong. If your English preparation for bank exam is good, you will score well and also impress your interviewer.

Here we discuss one of the IBPS English syllabus topic “Rearrangement of the sentence” (arranging sentences in order) and Sentence rearrangement tricks, rules, shortcuts, and examples. By the help of this given details, you will easily answer to all questions on sentence rearrangement.

What is Sentence Rearrangement?

Rearranging Sentence in a paragraph – Sentence rearrangement is a very important topic and which also very easy, you have to understand only tenses and trick that is common for all types of question asked in bank exam. You will have a passage in breaking sentences and you have to rearrange in proper order in proper sequences to make the original passage.

You can ask that on which number which sentence will come if you handle this carefully then you can achieve five questions right without complexity. You will find sentence rearrangement questions in almost all ibps exam such as IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS Specialist Officer, IBPS RRB Exam etc.

How to Solve Sentence Rearrangement questions?

The arrangement of sentences or paragraph is the most regularly seen question in the Banking exams and other competitive exams. It’s fascinating to realize this inquiry doesn’t look at any already learned ideas, nor is it in view of a specific rule. It tests your common sense.

Here are some Sentence Rearrangement test strategies that will help you to solve sentence rearrangement in English for ibps.

  • Ignore reading the sentence, again and again, it just consumes your most of the timeReview the options; if each of the decisions starts with various letters, choose the sentence to start the grouping prompts the right reply.
  • In Options that are nearly related, choose a compulsory pair of sentences (two sentences that ought to shape a grouping)
  • Pay special mind to fast pieces of information, for example, pronouns, conjunctions. At the first place of sentences to offer you some assistance with establishing a grouping.
  • In six sentences options, work in reverse from sentence 6 if there is no correct option to work from sentence 1; most of the time we neglect the clues that might be important.

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Tips for Sentence rearrangement in English

Here are some useful Tips for solving sentence rearrangement follow them

  • Question-based on sentence rearrangement is difficult and time-consuming. These type of question consist of the group of jumbled up sentences.
  • The solution is to rearrange the sentences in the original form. Rearrangement questions followed by five questions and five marks.
  • Check out for the opening and closing sentence: look out all the sentences and find out the goal of passage.
  • Scan for links: identify some transition words like simultaneously, hence, besides, see a relative pronoun, demonstrative pronoun, and personal pronoun.
  • See and understand explanation and examples: check out for the source of ideas, concept or anything.
  • Check once again: after the rearrangement of sentences, correct it with making sense and sequence.

For Example

P: by her indulgent parents
Q: the child was so spoiled
R: when she did not receive all of their attention
S: that she pouted and became sullen

Arrange these sentences in the correct order.

(a) RQPS (b) QRPS (c) QPSR (d) QSPR

ANS: QPSR, Q contains the subject “the child” and is thus the first part. P follows Q because it is a passive sentence and verb will be followed by the other.

P: the chief reason is that it is considered rude to differ with them.
Q: moreover, even agreeing with them completely is not considered good manners.
R: in England it is not easy to keep up a conversation with women in the company.
S: nor you can ask them to give a reason for the opinion they profess,
T: you are also afraid of imposing your views upon them.


ANS: RPSTQ, R is the opening part, followed by P which gives the reason for the statement made in R and thus will by S which is another condition alternate to that expressed in P. this will be followed by T and Q.

Sentence Rearrangement Questions for IBPS

Question asked in IBPS exam –

Question 1. Arrange these sentences in the correct order

P. naturally, committees assume that anybody interested in national heritage is fluent in Latin.
Q. so avers the national heritage committee’s new report, recalling the inscription in memory of Sir Christopher wren.
R. but for those readers whose classics a bit rusty, it translates as: “if you seek a monument to him, look about you.
S. “is momentum requires circumstance”.

(1)QRPS (2) SQPR (3)SRQP (4) PSRQ (5) None of these

Question 2.

A. hence, the meal that is taken in the morning is breakfast.
B. the word originated from the fact after dinner, we don’t eat whole night, and this is a long time for the body to go without food.
C. during the day time, we keep on eating and munching after every 3-4 hours.
D. people often asked as to why breakfast is important.
E. but the duration between dinner and breakfast is pretty long, sometimes may be equivalent to a fast.
F. the answer lies in the word “breakfast” itself.
Answer: dfbcea

Hope this article on Sentence Rearrangement in English improves your overall knowledge and you better understand the topic and English sentence rearrangement tricks. You should have check previous year English question papers for a better idea of the paper pattern. Practice with sentence rearrangement exercise, worksheets also.

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