SBI Clerk Vs SBI PO Difference (Salary, Career, Exam Pattern) Which is Better?

Difference Between SBI Clerk Vs SBI PO Exam – What is the difference between SBI Clerk and PO?

Hello All viewers, welcomes you back in its once more teachy -preachy blog. Our website viewers have given us a very positive response to our blogs and also have put their doubts and after analyzing their doubts we came around one common question in some of them and that is our very topic for today’s discussion. We are going to discuss here the “difference between SBI PO and SBI Clerk”.

Actually, what may confuse you people about Clerk and POs is their working structure and the reality is that this is actually somewhat confusing until and unless you understand the difference between the two thoroughly.

The SBI PO job is similar to like of that SBI Clerk job but not the same as he/ she is responsible for handling some high standard or you can say high meant clerical jobs. We will clear all your doubts one by one picking all your subjects simultaneously.

Difference Between Job Profile of SBI Clerk Vs SBI PO

The duties of SBI Clerk and SBI PO are almost the same till some level and this level is called the level of cadre post which provides a different meaning to both dignity posts. The clerk of a bank cannot play the role of PO but ironically, the PO of the same bank can bear the upside-down mask- one side as a clerk and other as a PO.

SBI Clerk Job Profile

The job role of a clerk can be understood like capsule ingredients inside a high volume of hectic roles that every clerk personality has to swallow before coming into their role job. The clerk is responsible for-

  • Handling customer’s general inquiries. Inquiries can be about their cash balance in respective bank accounts, credit card worthiness, form filling problems, issuing ATMs, converting of accounts etc.
  • Opening customer’s account, issuing cheques, printing passbooks, accepting cheques, loan issuing are related duties of a clerk person.
  • Accepting payments, issuing ATM cards, issuing demand drafts, debit cards, keeping the physical valuables like gold, documents or other confidential in safe custody.
  • Transacting the back office work at the end of the day, such as totaling the total withdraws and total deposits of the day, balancing the ledger, receipts collection, rectifying the errors of occurred by chance and accounting his/her work to the senior.
  • Scrutinize the application forms filled up by the customers.
  • Also responsible for keeping an eye for checking the time to time cash balance available in the physical bank and associated ATMs as well.
  • Generally, the clerk is given 35000/- at the very beginning of the day by the head cashier from which he has to manage all the bank incoming deposits and outgoing withdrawals. The remaining balance he has to account to the same head cashier at the end of the day.
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The PO, on the other hand, is a dignity standard job. Various career ladders are associated with it to get the promotion in the same signature name.

  • The PO is responsible for taking care of all the clerical jobs which are executing under his supervision. Not only this he/she has to often perform the same clerical duties as well, like handling customers and their grievances, accepting payments, pay orders, verify cheques, marketing new schemes etc.
  • The PO is initially provided training for 2 months and for that 2 months he is known as the probationary Officer under a probation of 2 months. After that, he is signified by the Management Cadre scales.
  • He is responsible for bringing new schemes inside the bank for the sake of customers and for the sake of the nation’s economy as well.
  • Decision making on sensitive matters, marketing policies of the bank among the customers, facing challenges, guiding clerks under him, rechecking the clerk performances to ensure any error are other associated roles expected with the PO of SBI.

SBI Clerk Vs SBI PO Salary difference-

The salary difference between the SBI Clerk and SBI PO carry a lag of huge amount. In a simple and short way, the clerk holds 20-25000 RS in hand salary while the PO receives almost the double of it.

SBI offers its clerk INR 11765 basic pay while the PO gets additional INR 11935 upon it. The dearness allowances, HRA  are almost the same to be given to SBI employees. Only the employees who are posted in Mumbai or Delhi like cities are given some more HRA.

SBI Clerks are offered 7.75% on special allowances while SBI Po is granted 0-4% on CCA i.e. around 1836.75 for scale-1 cadre.

SBI Clerk Vs SBI PO Paper pattern

The SBI PO paper pattern is divided into 3 stages- prelims, mains, and interview round.

SBI PO Prelims Exam Pattern-

The first paper for the clerk and PO of SBI is the same. Both take place for 100 marks for the 1-hour duration.

Subject Number of Questions Total marks
English language 30 30
Quantitative aptitude 35 35
Reasoning ability 35 35
Total 100 100

SBI PO Mains Exam Pattern-

For the SBI PO mains exam, the candidate has to go through 2 stages. First, he has to attempt 200 marks objective paper and after that 50 marks descriptive online test immediately. Overall the main exam will contain 250 marks questions that the candidate has to complete within 2.5 hours.

The descriptive test will be conducted for 30 minutes and a total of 3 hours will be given to attempt the objective section. Note that the candidate is required to complete each respective subject test within the specifies duration as per lined by the SBI rules. Once you cross the time deadline you will be automatically dragged out from the screen of that very particular subject.

Subject No. of questions Marks Duration
Reasoning and computer aptitude 35 60 60
Data analysis and interpretation 35 60 45
General awareness about banking/ economy 40 40 35
English language 35 40 40
total 155 200 3 hours

Group Exercise and Interview round-

In this section, you will be given certain exercises in groups that you have to transact nicely. Your attitude, skills, communication will be the concerning factors on which base your points will be scored. This whole section will carry 20 marks.

Next comes your personal interview round which will carry 30 marks into which the candidate will be asked some questions by some panel of experts.

Be careful to notice here that the candidate will be stepped forward towards this third stage only when he/she has passed the mains examination.


SBI Clerk Prelims Exam Pattern-

SBI Clerk Exam pattern is divided into 2 stages only: Prelims & Mains

SBI Clerk Preliminary Exam Pattern

Name of the Test No. of Questions Marks Duration
English Language 30 30 20 Minutes
Numerical Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
Reasoning Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
Total 100 100 60 Min. (1 hour)

For SBI Clerk Mains exam-

Subject No. of Questions Marks Duration
General / Financial Awareness 50 50 35 minutes
General English 40 40 35 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 50 50 45 minutes
Reasoning Ability & Computer Aptitude 60 40 45 minutes
Total 200 60 2 hours 40 minutes

Important notes:

There is no third round in SBI clerk exam. The candidate who passes the pre and mains will be directly shortlisted for the post.

There is negative marking for every wrong answer. There is no negative marking or bonus on non-attended questions.

Candidates have to complete their every test within the prescribed duration.

The descriptive test in SBI PO will be taken in the English language only to test your skills in the language English.

The candidates who passed in prelims but failed in mains have to again apply for the same post right from the scratch. He/she is not allowed to sit directly in mains or interview round.

Difference SBI Clerk Vs SBI PO Career, Promotion & Perks

SBI Clerk Vs SBI PO Perks-

The clerks of SBI are given perks like books and magazine allowances, flexible working hours, privilege leaves, telephone bill reimbursement, furniture allowances.

The PO on the other hand not only enjoys the above privileges but also enjoy 100% medical benefits, scholarship to their children, leased accommodation, home travel benefits, coverage under pension schemes, loans at concessional interest rates.

SBI Clerk Vs SBI PO Promotion-

The clerk of a bank can be highly promoted to deputy managing director post in his around 27 years of service. In the intermediary, he/she is promoted to various levels like trainee officer, MMGS-2 and 3, deputy general manager, general manager, and chief general manager. The special allowances and other allowances will differ accordingly.

The probationary officer of SBI bank can be promoted to the deputy manager scale, manager scale, chief manager scale, AGM, DGM, or GM. It is to be noted that SBI promotes their employees in every 3-4 years so it is a great opportunity to be called as the working employee of SBI bank.

SBI Clerk Vs SBI PO Career-

See, there is no doubt I the fact that if you are working in SBI on any post, then you are surely going to enrich your personality in the upcoming future because SBI due to its vast operating channel exposes its employees to various homogenous fields.

This not only enhances their understanding of knowledge in financial matters but also improve their communication skills. SBI provides a good package to employees as compared to other banks in PSBs.

The similarity in SBI Clerk & SBI PO posts-

The basic working nature of clerk and PO in SBI is almost the same at the initial level. Just the difference is that the clerk handles primary transactions of banks while the PO of bank handles level up transactions. Like, if the clerk is supposed to receive cheques then it is the duty of the PO to authorize the cheque and clear it.

The clerk cannot make it clear without authorization from the proper authority. Although, the PO can perform the same tasks as that of clerks. While the clerk develops new customers with the bank, the PO helps to maintain the relations for the long term.

Final Advice which is better for which type of students

Let’s start this with the SBI clerk exam. If you are an average student or you can’t make up to wait for yourself is struggling more hard for PO then you can crack the clerk exam. The SBI PO paper pattern is somewhat hard type so it needs a lot of practice and logical understanding. It needs a lot of patience hand hard work in case you can’t crack it for the first time.

Although there is always a cut-throat competition in both exams, still, SBI PO runs hard. So it is always advisable to not lose your hope and learn nicely the things and make clear your concepts.

This is not a proper question that what kind of students should opt for what kind of career, instead, you should have that spirit to fight with the competition and enhance your knowledge and apply them in your examination. you’ll definitely get success.