List of All Colour Revolution in India & Their Fathers or Founders

List of All Colour Revolution

  1. Black Revolution – Petroleum Production
  2. Blue Revolution – Fish Production
  3. Brown Revolution – Leather/non-conventional(India)/Cocoa production
  4. Golden Fibre Revolution – Jute Production
  5. Golden Revolution – Fruits/Overall Horticulture development/Honey Production
  6. Green Revolution – Foodgrains
  7. Green Gold Revolution – Promotion and trade of Bamboo
  8. Grey Revolution – Fertilizer
  9. Pink Revolution – Onion production/Pharmaceutical (India) /Prawn production
  10. Red Revolution – Meat & Tomato Production
  11. Round Revolution – Potato
  12. Silver Fiber Revolution – Cotton
  13. Silver Revolution – Egg/Poultry Production
  14. White Revolution (In India: Operation Flood) – Milk/Dairy production
  15. Yellow Revolution – Oil Seeds production
  16. Evergreen Revolution – Overall development of Agriculture


  1. Father Of Green Revolution (India): M.S.Swaminathan.
  2. Father Of White Revolution: Verghese Kurien.
  3. Milk Man Of India: Verghese Kurien.
  4. Father Of Blue Revolution: Dr.Arun Krishnan.
  5. Father Of Induced Breeding: Prof.Hirlal Chaudri.
  6. Father Of Pink Revolution: Durgesh Patel.
  7. Father Of Golden Revolution: Nirpakh Tutaj.
  8. Father Of Red Revolution: Vishal Tewari.
  9. Father Of Silver Revolution: Indira Gandhi.

प्रमुख क्रांतियाँ :
हरित क्रांति — खाद्यान्न उत्पादन
शवेत क्रांति — दुग्ध उत्पादन
नीली क्रांति — मत्स्य उत्पादन
भरी क्रांति — उर्वरक उत्पादन
रजत क्रांति — अंडा उत्पादन
पीली क्रांति — तिलहन उत्पादन
कष्ण क्रांति — बायोडीजल उत्पादन.
लाल क्रांति — टमाटर/मांस उत्पादन
गलाबी क्रांति — झींगा मछली उत्पादन
बादामी क्रांति — मासाला उत्पादन
सनहरी क्रांति — फल उत्पादन
अमृत क्रांति — नदी जोड़ो परियोजनाएं
धसर/स्लेटी क्रांति— सीमेंट
गोल क्रांति— आलु
इद्रधनुषीय क्रांति— सभी क्रांतियो पर निगरानी रखने हेतु
सनराइज/सुर्योदय क्रांति— इलेक्ट्रॉनिक उधोग के विकास के हेतु
गगा क्रांति— भ्रष्टाचार के खिलाफ सदाचार पैदा करने हेतु (जोहड़े वाले बाबा/वाटर मैन ऑफ इंडिया/राजेन्द्र सिंह )द्वारा
सदाबहार क्रांति— जैव तकनीकी
सफ्रॉन क्रांति— केसर उत्पादन से
सलेटी/ग्रे क्रांति–उर्वरको के उत्पादन से
हरित सोना क्रांति— — बाँस उतपादन से
मक क्रांति— मोटे अनाजों के उत्पादन से
परामनी क्रांति— भिन्डी उत्पादन से
गरीन गॉल्ड क्रांति— चाय उत्पादन से
खाद्द श्रंखला क्रांति— भारतीय कृषकों की 2020 तक आमदनी को दुगुना करने से
खाकी क्रांति— चमड़ा उत्पादन से
वहाइट गॉल्ड क्रांति— कपास उत्पादन से (तीसरी) क्रांति)
N.H.क्रान्ति- स्वर्णिम चतुर्भुज योजना से

What is the Grey Revolution?

Grey revolution is associated with increased fertilizer production, which basically means its related to the mal effects of the green revolution of India. But only zeroing down to fertilizer won’t be the appropriate thing.

Because grey revolution includes everything that would take place due to the excessive green revolution. It is actually a glimpse of what can happen if the new agricultural equipment turns things wrong.

What is the Pink Revolution?

The Pink Revolution is somewhat different; it specifically refers to shifts in policy in India related to the consumption of meat products.

What is the Green Revolution?

Green revolution according to Indian researchers is to produce agricultural products in a massive scale, using whatever chemical fertilizers and pesticides and massive construction of dams, to feed the millions of people produced thoughtlessly by its population, notwithstanding the after-effects of those chemical substances.

It has now been proved beyond doubt that those chemicals have spoiled our earth and water bodies as well.

What is the Yellow Revolution?

Yellow revolution is the sudden increase in the production of edible oil due to the plantation of Hybrid oilseed like mustard, sesame, etc. Basically yellow revolution.

The pioneers of it are Portuguese. Father of yellow revolution in India: – sampit roda. Father of yellow revolution – Shashank Pandey rajawar, Satna (MP).

What is the Orange Revolution?

Orange Revolution is a mission to enhance the generation of solar power through involvement at the micro-level.

What is the White Revolution?

White Revolution was one of the biggest dairy development movements, by the Indian Government, in India in 1970. It was a step taken by the Indian Government to develop and help the dairy industry sustain itself economically by developing a co-operative while providing employment to the poor farmers.

The White Revolution helped increase milk productivity and milk was now sold at competitive market prices. This program increased the demand for development and production of healthy animals, the use of modern technology in the milk production sector and networking between various small and large scale dairy industries.

What is the Blue Revolution?

Blue Revolution Comes with an idea that fishing will not only done in one particular area. It might extinct some species of fishes. Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal will also be covered, so they could get varieties of fishes.

The Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare describes the Blue Revolution as follows

“The Blue Revolution is being implemented to achieve economic prosperity of fishermen and fish farmers and to contribute towards food and nutritional security through optimum utilization of water resources for fisheries development in a sustainable manner, keeping in view the bio-security and environmental concerns.”