Logical Reasoning Problem Questions for IBPS Bank exam

IBPS Logical Reasoning Questions with answers, Logical Reasoning Problems for bank exam, Logical Maths Problem

Logical Reasoning for IBPS – Logical Reasoning Question bank

The reasoning is a basic subject of any of banking and another competition exam. You should perfect in reasoning questions to score well in the exam. Through Reasoning, paper examiner tests your reasoning skills with speed and accuracy.

Here examiner tries to consume your most of exam time in the calculation so you should be prepared with reasoning tricks and shortcuts to solve a problem in less time. here you can check complete IBPS Reasoning syllabus topics here.

Today I am going to describe to you one of the topmost topics of reasoning and maths “logical problems in reasoning” and “logical problems in maths”.

Here we discuss logical problems with solutions and check some logical reasoning questions for ibps exam and How to solve logical problems in maths? and logical reasoning tips and tricks for bank exams.

Read carefully to understand the basic concept of behind the logical questions for Bank PO, clerk and specialist officer exams. You can also buy some logical reasoning books for bank exams. Download Logical Reasoning Question bank Pdf here.

Logical problems and solutions with reasoning and math
If we are talking about Logical problem questions in math and reasoning. These two subjects are very important according to the subject importance and scores. These have importance in daily life calculations and practical situations.

Since there are some typical way to solve all these problems, but if we take regular practice and learning of formulas then we can solve easily all type of question and save your valuable time in bank exam.

Because there is a different type of questions in math and reasoning, and all these types have some specific type of formula for every condition. You have to just understand the tricks and formulas for logical reasoning for bank exams.

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What are the logical problems?
As a name is there that contain “logical” and “problem”. Where logical means that have some specific logic behind them and have a logical way to solve these within some logical order. So, a logical problem with the answer is a concern.

Here problem means some reasonable situation, used to solve by some logical statements, in which we have to find the correct solution for a suitable situation.

Logical problems are not related not only to reasoning but also math. Math contains a different type of logical problem related to a different type of question, related to time and work, speed and distances, trains, cisterns, profit and loss, numbers, data interpretation etc.

In reasoning, all the topics are logical, because in reasoning every question is reasonable and solutions are more logical. We have to apply all our mental strength in question to solve all questions.

What is logical problem-solving? and how can we improve logical problems with the use of it?
Logical problem solving is the use of words and expressions to logically form mathematical symbols to solve questions. This process of solving the logical problem was developed by Richard Wallen. When we are talking about problem-solving, there are some steps that are essential for any problem solving:

  • What problems are presenting themselves?
  • Do we know about the problem, gather information about a problem.
  • Analyze what are the causes of the problem or find a root.
  • Find all the way in which all root causes can be addressed.
  • Choose the best solution or a combination of all solution that can be eliminated the root cause.
  • Apply strategies of using solution.
  • Test whether the strategy is going in the right direction that follows further solution.

What is the logical reasoning problem?
Logical reasoning problem is not directly related only to reasoning but also math. Logical reasoning problem-solving questions asked to contain both of question of math and reasoning.

Logical reasoning problems asked in all competitive exam and placements tests, or entrance exam. In this section, we are providing a logical reasoning problem and solving for bank exam.

Logical reasoning problem asked in objective form, they need to be identified what information relevant to an issue or argument and what impact further evidence.

Logical reasoning questions for bank exams check the ability to analyze, critically evaluate, and complete argument as they occur in ordinary language. The questions are based on short argument drawn from a variety of sources.

The inquiries are intended to evaluate an extensive variety of aptitudes included in deduction fundamentally, with an accentuation on attitudes that are integral to sensible thinking.

How to improve logical reasoning problem and use of problem-solving?

For this we have to follow:

  • Recognize all the part of the argument and their relationship.
  • Recognizing the similarities and differences between patterns of reasoning.
  • Draw well-supported conclusions reasoning by analogy.
  • Recognizing misunderstanding or point of disagreements.
  • Determine how more evidence affects an argument.
  • The detecting assumption made by arguments.
  • Identifying or applying principle or rules
  • Identifying an explanation.

The question does not presuppose specialized knowledge of logical terminology. You will not be expected to know the meaning of specialized terms such as “syllogism”.

Logical thinking and problem-solving

Read each question carefully. Make sure that you understand the meaning of each part of the question. Make sure that you understand the meaning of each choice and the ways in which it may or may not relate to the question posed.

Do not pick a response simple, because it is true. Answer each question on the basis of the information that is given, even if you do not agree with it.

How to solve logical reasoning problems in bank exam?

Here we are discussing logical problem question and logical problem-solving techniques. To solve IBPS logical reasoning questions you should follow this given logical reasoning problem strategy.

Logical reasoning aptitude test is designed to measure your ability to draw the logical conclusion based on statements or arguments and to identify the strength and weakness of those arguments.

Logical reasoning test is very important, we have to apply all these tricks there. This logical reasoning pdf contains all reasoning topics and solution tricks. Also, Check Number Series Questions here.

This topic includes all the relevant topic of reasoning. The reasoning section is a very important section in various competitive exams. Now it is important in because all the organization wants to check the thinking patterns of its future employees. The candidates are expected to have a broad mind having an ability to think deeply and logically. For every test logical reasoning tricks are important.

The important topics are from reasoning include coding-decoding, blood relations, direction and distances, order and ranking, sitting arrangement, puzzle, syllogism, machine input, analogy, statement ad argument, inequality, problem and course of action.

The main important parts are the analogy and sitting arrangement. You have to just find out the course and action, and they carry five questions, five marks. By solving one question logically right, five-question can be scored easily.

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Tricks to solve reasoning question?

Here is the best way to solve logical reasoning problems.

This topic covers the topic of reasoning. The content covers the theory part in detail describing all the techniques, shortcuts, logical reasoning tricks for bank exams. This the most important part of all competitive exams. Because all the organization wants to check the thinking pattern of its future employees.

All candidates are expected to have a broad mind having an ability to think deeply and logically. Here are some logical reasoning strategies to solve the question of different types.

In alphabetical or miscellaneous series first is to check left end and right end, you can break series in five – five pairs, all the condition are based on left and right end situations. Number all the alphabetical in question and find out the order.

In coding-decoding, there are three types of coding, letter, number, substitution coding. Candidates have to find out the logic that codes a particular message to read the message. In this first take the given pair, write all positions, find out relationships between the letter of both the pair. The relation may be forward or backward.

In blood relation, there can be many types but we have to relate all the given relation one by one. A method is known a family tree is used to solve, it is a flow chart method to represent all the family relations. Relation of a mother are maternal, whereas of a father are paternal, and spouse side relation is “in – law”.

In direction and distances, you need to identify all the directions, four directions are important, east northwest and south and four are additional directions east-north, southeast, southwest, northwest. You need to follow the direction as says question only.

In order and ranking, find the total number of persons, positions from another side, the number of persons in between, the minimum and maximum number in a row, the number of people either side of a particular person.

Sitting arrangement involves the question of the person sitting, facing center or facing outside of the center. The sitting arrangement can be in a circular form, rectangular form, square form, or row or column. There will be simple English sentences you have to identify placing and direction.

Puzzles are problems intentionally designed to stimulate the brain into devising solution. The candidate is to analyze the given information, convert it into a suitable form and answer the question asked. Types of the puzzle are classification, comparison, sequential, selection, family, jumbled puzzle.

Data sufficiency, in this we do not have to find the answers rather we have to analyze the given data and decide whether the given data is sufficient to find an answer or not.

The statement, There are three types of questions two statement type, three statement type, and redundant type. You will be given a question there are different conditions and after analyzing you just have to find whether the statement is true.

In the syllogism, a question can have lots of diagrams which mean we can draw several figures by a statement but we have to draw the easiest figure first because it will enable us to solve the question in minimum time. We have four types of question in which:

All a are b.
Some a are b.
No a are b.
Some a are not b.

You will be given statements, from which you need to draw diagrams with the easiest one. In answers, you will give conclusions if your conclusions are satisfying your statements then choose the right answer.

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Logical reasoning problems with math

Logical problems are not only with reasoning but also with math. According to the exam point of view, math is the well structured and very important topic because for any job analytical intelligence is very important.

Quantitative aptitude is a subject which can help the candidate score high. By using tricks, some lengthy and tricky question can be replaced by some simple and direct solutions. Check complete IBPS Quantitative aptitude syllabus topics here.

These some tricks motivate and encourage the candidate to have better-grasping power as the key factor in tackling all the competition exam rather than having a deeper knowledge of mathematics, it is the way to crack the problems quickly and accurately.

Although in math there is a formula for every type of questions some topic need logically thinking to apply this formula in the correct place.

Under here there is logicalproblem example with logical problems example: Logicalreasoning and problem-solving test in math and reasoning here: logical reasoning questions for ibps specialist officer, IBPS Clerk, and IBPS PO

logical reasoning problems examples?

Here we are discussing logical reasoning question and answer.

  • Question 1. 12653218965321231 how many one’s are there in the above arrangement each of which is followed by 2.
    Ans. After one, there is only two-time 2 occur, so the answer will 2.
  • Question 2. if CHAIR is coded as XSZRI and ABOVE  are coded as ZYLEV. how has EVERY written in that code?
    Ans. Here C H A I R have 3 8  1 9 18 numbering, and A B O V E has 1 2 15  21 5  and their corresponding coding is also in the same numbering then E V E R Y is in 5 22 5 18 25 so and will be in same order that is V E V I B.
  • Question 3. All the six members of a family a b c d e and f are traveling together. b is the son of c but c is not the mother of b. a and c are a married couple. e Is the brother of c. d is the daughter of a. f is a sister of b. – how many children does c have?
    Ans. 3
    – which of  the following represents a married couple? c and a 2. c and e 3. f and c 4. a and b  5. none
    Ans. c and a
    how is e related to f?  niece, nephew, uncle, aunt.
    Ans. Uncle
  • Question 4. shyam travels 7 km. towards north then he turn to his right and walks 3 km. he again turns to his right and moves 7km forward. Now in which direction is he from his starting point 1.north  2.south  3.east  4. west  5. none of these
    Ans. East

Some example related to math reasoning problem. Here we are discussing logical problems in mathematics. Logical maths problems are here.

  • Question 1. find out next number? 121, 144, 169, 196,?
    Ans. 225
    1348, 1338, 1318, 1288, 1248, ?
    Ans. 1198
  • Question 2. a person purchased an article of rs. 80 and sold it for 100. find his % profit?
    Ans. Cost price of article= 80 , Sold price is = 100 , Profit= sp- cp=100-80=20
    % profit= profit*100 Cp = 20/80*100 =%p=25%
  • Question 3. if a man a complete a work in 10 days and b complete the same work in 15 days in how many days the work is completed if they work together?
    Ans.  A does 10 days, b does 15 days then
    LCM of 10 and 15 is 30 that is total work
    Then a take 30/10=3 unit of work
    B take 30 / 15= 2 unit of work
    Now days= 30/ (3+2)= 6
  • Question 4. the ratio of a present of a and is 2:3 the present age of a is 20 years find the age of b after 5 years?
    Ans.  Let the age of a is 2x and the age of b is 3x. 2x=20 , X=10
    Then present age of b is 3 * x= 3*10=30 years
    After 5 years, age of b = 30+5= 35 years

Hope this complete guide on the Logical problem in reasoning and maths helps you a lot to understand the topic and you also get some useful tips for logical reasoning test for ibps.

You should have checked some bank logical reasoning solved paper for an exact idea of various types of question bank of logical reasoning. If you read carefully you will better answer the questions. OR you may buy the Best book for logical reasoning for the bank.

Institute of banking personnel selection (IBPS) includes logical reasoning problems questions in ibps study material. Share your IBPS bank exam experience here or if you have something more related to Bank Exam share with us the suggestion, query in our comment section below.

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