Importance of Learning English at School

Importance of Learning English at School

Language is a systematic means of communication through the use of words, symbols, and sounds. In today’s world where everything is interconnected and globalized, learning English is very important. It is one of the most widely spoken languages and is considered to be a common language in terms of education, business, trade, and commerce.

If English is now known in the present-day world one can sure he or she will definitely suffer to keep pace with the development and progressive nature of the modern world. Usage of some hard words in writing and speaking can make you look more professional.

Imparting proficiency in the English language should begin right from the school level. As an international language and its worldwide acceptance, it is important for the student to learn and master the English language at the very beginning of their educative days.

What happens in a classroom temperament is where only grammar, vocabulary and tenses are emphasized and thrust upon students in a dull and dry method and naturally while coming into the market they feel the dearth and bankruptcy of their skill of speaking power.

English is just not a subject alone it is a subject of skill and should be learned in a different way and that is why it is important for the teachers to make the learning interesting and innovating so that the language becomes easy and interesting. It is better learned if it is started at the very beginning or at the elementary level of education.

Only then a sequential mode or pattern can be adopted in teaching English to students which would be easy to grasp for them.

It is important for the students to get a strong foundation in English as in most the studies, the English language is followed as a medium of instructions. If a student wants to go abroad for higher studies and then again English is only language and worldly accepted as a common medium of communications.

For studying abroad in universities, they have to go through the process of qualifying the Toefl examination which is conducted to rate their communication skills in English. Therefore, the target areas of teaching would be inculcating the ideas of understanding of what is read and what is expressed in writing into the minds of students effectively so that they can communicate efficiently and effectively.

Learning English at the school level helps the students adopt the language in a unique way to compete with others in this era of globalization. This effective communicative skill also helps to bridge the gap of communication between countries and their people and make them bring together the oneness of the whole universe.

English is the language of science, aviation, computer and diplomacy and of course tourism and international communication. It has become the Lingua Franca and is used in almost all over the world. Globalization has made the process of learning English obligatory only to have a common mode of communication and English, being the most recognized official language, has come up as a platform of understanding among the people of different origins and races.

Therefore, knowledge of English gets a priority in getting an advantageous position in securing a job in many multinational companies in one’s home country or abroad. English has become an official language of almost 53 countries and spoken by around 1000 million people around the glove. As far as the British Council’s estimate is concerned, almost 2 billion people will be studying English in the days to come.

Learning English is important as one can communicate easily with fellow citizens across the glove.

Since English is accepted and understood and even spoken in most the countries especially in Europe, other than French, mastering over it can change one’s mentality and thus make them open-minded and prone to adaptability in different situations.

It is because together with the language they somehow are taught to learn the culture and customs of that country, which ultimately helps them to understand and accept their inherent culture as well.

In the global platform, different companies have adopted English as their mode of communication and thus prioritized English as an essential skill for getting a job over there. World’s news outlets, TV shows, newspapers, magazines, and films also are produced in English and even the content on the internet is in English. So, learning English is absolutely essential and important.