IBPS PO Preparation Study Material 2019

Start Preparing for IBPS PO 2019

IBPS Calendar was out in the month of January 2019. The IBPS PO 2019 notification is out with 4336 vacancies and it put across the date of IBPS PO Prelims & Mains as Oct 12, 2019, and Nov 30, 2019, respectively. Since the detailed notification of this exam is out it’s time to start your preparation now.

This will ensure that you will be completely ready by the month of October. As per the IBPS website, there were around 8.79 lakh applicants who had applied for IBPS PO 2018 for a mere 4,252 vacancies. The numbers for themselves show the intensity of the competition. In this article, we have come up with the tips which can get you going with your IBPS PO preparation.

IBPS PO Study Material

With the advent of the internet, you don’t really need books which are physical in nature. Plenty of content & tutorials are available online and the majority of them are free of cost. You just need to stick to a study plan and ensure that you get a crystal-clear clarity on all the topics which have been asked in the past in this exam. However, if you prefer studying via traditional books, there’s nothing wrong.

Online or offline, whatever suits you, you can start your preparation. However, if we talk about starting with online preparation then one can start by giving an IBPS PO Prelims free mock. Also, the fact that at this point in time, it is a good idea to get hold of previous years papers and solve them.

This will get you a good understanding of what kinds of questions have been asked from which topics. Make a list of all the topics which have been asked in the past years and start getting to know them better.


Practice, Practice, and Practice

After understanding different concepts, you should start practicing and practice like anything. One must give as many mock tests as possible as it will surely help in making your concepts even better. In the initial days when you are getting to understand a concept, it’s okay to practice without any time-limit. Later, you can start timing your practice.

At this point in time, it’s important for you to understand the way questions are solved and try to come out with any shortcut or trick. Please bear in mind that only those shortcuts/tricks are useful in the actual exam which has been properly understood by you. If you apply a shortcut to a question where it’s not required, you will most likely end up with an incorrect answer.


Don’t forget this daily friend of yours which will not only increase your reading speed, but it will also help you prepare for the General Awareness section. Read the newspaper and make notes of important events/news/figures and keep revising them on an alternate day basis.

It’s often recommended to prepare the last 4-5 months of events prior to the respective exam for the General Awareness section. If you start reading the newspaper now itself and make notes, you will end up covering a major part of the General Awareness section by the month of October.

When reading editorials, don’t just read it for the sake of reading. Try to understand what is it trying to convey. This will definitely improve your comprehension skills which will come in handy in the English section.

Mock & Sectional Tests

Along with your practice, Start taking Mock & Sectional Tests in between. Mock Tests will help you assess your preparation level and will also highlight the areas which are weak. There is aplenty time right now until the IBPS PO Prelims date and this time are enough for you to work on your weak areas.

This will eventually improve your performance. Also, keep a tab on your rank & percentile so that you know how much more effort you need to put to be in the top slot.

That said, there are some quick tips for successful preparation:

  • Get hold of the topics you find difficult and try to understand its concepts. Watch online videos to understand the concept better.
  • Your calculation speed matters a lot and can give you an edge against other competitors. Memorize the square, square root of numbers up to 30 and cube and cube root of numbers up to 20.
  • Although there isn’t any General Awareness section in Prelims, don’t wait for the Prelims results to come to start the preparation of this section. Rather, start your preparation right away.
  • Spend 2 – 2.5 hours on a daily basis on each section. Be immersed in your preparation and forget about the outer world.
  • Take steps to improve your vocab. A good vocabulary will help you immensely in the English section. Whether you make flashcards to memorize them or try to use them while speaking is completely up to you.

That’s all from our side! To summarize: prepare well, do a lot of practice via Mock & Sectional Tests in this time of 2 around months and you will most likely clear this exam. Wishing you all the best for your exam!