IBPS Law Officer Job Profile, Work Description + Career Growth Promotion

IBPS Law Officer Job Profile with Career Growth

IBPS is the banking recruitment body which recruits candidates for various posts in various IBPS participating public sector banks.

The banking sector is the sector which deals with numbers and currency and so for handling all the events of the banks, the recruitment for various posts are timely notified by the respective banks.

Seeking aspirants are inquisitive to learn about the IBPS law officer job profile to know in-depth the job roles and responsibility of a law officer.

The banking sector is becoming the center of attraction among youth to choose this option as their career. The banking sector is the backbone of Indian economy.

IBPS stands for Institute of banking personnel selection. It holds the responsibility to conduct all the events (IBPS Exams) in the recruitment process.

Candidates the IBPS bank law officer job profile is enticing. The selection generally takes place through CWE that is Common Written Examination. This exam is further split into two phases that are preliminary and mains examination.

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The candidates who would like to get selected for the job should qualify both the phases of examination. There are different job profile and the different tasks assigned to different employees.

IBPS recruits candidates for the post of IBPS POIBPS ClerkIBPS RRB and also some specialist officers. As the names of the post suggest, specialist officers mean they are specialized in a particular field and hired or selected for the particular discipline only for which he is specialized in.

IBPS Law Officer Job Profile, Work Description + Career Growth Promotion

What does Law Officer mean?

The IBPS SO is having various posts for specialists on the same scale that is scale 1. The bank law officer is also categorized under scale 1 under junior management level.

The law officer has many responsibilities which are mentioned as follows:

The law officer deals in preparing initial drafts of legislation administered/ to be administered by the institute.

The preparation of drafts of pleadings and comprehensive instructions/ briefs to counsel in connection with litigation involving the institute is also under the work profile of law officer.

The law officer should make sure that the bank should follow the rules and regulations made by RBI and no violations of the rules should be done.

The law officer should take care of all files and cases against borrowers, frauds etc.

The law officer job profile includes acting as a shield and representing the bank in the court of law in these cases.

The law officer should provide the legal advice whenever the management require it for any legal matter of the bank, or it could be a procedural lapse or operational flaw in the bank.

They should be responsible to answer all the queries on legal and administrative matters.

It is not possible to have a law officer at every branch of the bank.

So it becomes the responsibility of the branch level management to take care of all the rules and regulations to be taken care and day to day operations should be processed properly.

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The law officer should make sure to let the people understand all the legal aspects of the bank is very simple and easily understandable terms for the convenience of every person in the bank.

What is the job profile of law officer in a bank?

There are certain other posts for which officers are recruited in the bank and one among them is a bank law officer. The recruitment of such officers are done through the specialist officers exam

Law Officers: What do they do?

Looking for IBPS law officer’s job description aren’t you?

Comrades, to quench your search I have given below the role of bank law officer in the bank

Let’s take a glimpse of the following

  • Ensuring Compliance with RBI Norms
  • Framing Legal Documents
  • Legal Representative of the Bank:
  • Legal Counsel of the Bank:
  • Making Laws Simpler for Everyday Use

Students, now you are well aware of the IBPS bank law officer job review. You are now well-versed with the job profile of a bank law officer.

IBPS Law Officer Syllabus 2024 IBPS Law Officer Salary 2024

Salary and Probation

The law officer in the face of the bank in legal aspects. So the salary has to be high as per the roles and responsibilities of the law officer.

The basic salary of a law officer scale 1 is provided under junior management grade in the scale of Rs.23700 – 980, where Rs.23700 is basic payout and Rs.980 is the grade pay.

The total in hand salary per month of law officer shall be around Rs.28000 to Rs.33000 depending upon the bracket of benefits you may fall in.

The IBPS Specialist officers generally have higher pay than a probationary officer.

The benefits available for specialist officers are as follow:

The specialist officers are provided with many benefits along with basic salary payout.

The benefits are Dearness allowance, house rent allowance, capital cost allowance, medical aid for self and family, home travel concession, leave fare concession, perquisites (conveyance, newspapers, entertainment allowance, house and furniture, maintenance etc.), concessional interest rate for housing/ car/ personal loans and some other special allowances.

The above-mentioned benefits are provided to the specialist officers.

These benefits are dreams comes true benefits provided by the banks to the law officer. So the law officer job is the most rewarding jobs.

About probations, there are some banks which hold the rule for the candidate to sign the bond with that particular bank. It is not the same for all the banks.

It varies from bank to bank. So the candidate applying for bank job should check all the details regarding the bond duration as well for the bank. It generally varies from 2 years to 3 years.

IBPS SO Law Officer Career Growth Opportunities

Students to equip you with the knowledge regarding bank law officer career growth. I have come up with a detailed explanation to ease your concern regarding IBPS bank law officer career growth.

Let’s get started

The Law officer is under the scale 1 junior management grade. There are lots of career growth opportunities in this field. The candidates can work hard to achieve those posts.

The posts which an officer could achieve are as follows: The officer would be promoted as manager scale 2 under middle management grade.

The manager could be promoted as senior manager scale 3 under middle management grade. Then the senior manager will have the opportunity to get promoted to chief manager scale 4 under senior management grade.

Then comes the post of assistant general manager scale 5 under senior management grade.

The next level is of deputy general manager scale 6 under top management grade. The last but not least step of the promotion is general manager scale 7 under top management grade.

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Promotional Parameters

There are various parameters which are considered for the promotion of any specialist officer. The parameters are:

  • Merit/ Performance
  • Seniority/ Length of service
  • Educational and professional qualification
  • Performance in the promotional process that is written test, group discussion and interview

These are the parameters which are always considered for promoting any specialist officer to a higher post under higher management grade.

The banks have different promotion policies and channel of promotions depends upon the number of vacancies and the business needs of the banks.

The above-mentioned parameters are general and the banks might consider all these or some of these for promotions.

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Eligibility Criteria for IBPS Law Officer

The eligibility means if a person is qualified to apply for the job. This is the most important factor to be taken into consideration while applying for the job.

If a candidate satisfies all the eligibility conditions, then only he/ she would be allowed to sit in the exam and proceed further and if the candidate does not meet the requirements of the eligibility criteria then he/ she would be rejected.

The first point to be taken into consideration for eligibility is the nationality or citizenship.

The candidate should satisfy all the nationality terms which could be checked on the official website of IBPS.

The second point is for the educational qualification. The candidate must hold a degree in law or its equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate.

Along with qualification, the candidate should also have experience of two years as an advocate or should have worked as a law officer in banks or financial institutions for a period of not less than two years.

If a person is applying for treasury manager, he/ she should have certified associate from the Institute of chartered accountants of India or MBA in Finance from a recognized university/ institution with one-year experience.

The third point accounts for the age factor. The candidates should have age between 21 years to 32 years and not less or more than that.

Comrades, if you are seeking to attempt IBPS law officer’s exam then you must be well acquainted with the job description of a bank law officer.


The law officer is holding a great responsibility and acts as a representative in the legal affairs of the bank. It is the most rewarding job post and the candidate should perform the duties properly.

I hope the above post on IBPS law officer job profile is useful. If you have doubts pertaining to the IBPS bank law officers

Good luck to all the eligible candidates!! Prepare well and perform well.

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