IBPS IT Officer Preparation Tips (How to Prepare?) Subject Wise Study Plan

How to Prepare for IBPS SO IT Officer Exam? IBPS IT Officer Preparation Tips

IBPS is an acronym for the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. It is an autonomous body in India that conducts recruitment exams for bank posts. IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS RRB & IBPS SO are some of the top known exams conducted by the Department of IBPS.

IBPS is visualized as a self-governed academic and research-oriented institute, with the aim of increasing human-resource development through the personnel assessment.

IBPS announces each year vacancy in clerical, PO and IBPS SO posts in nationalized banks, state banks, and RRBs.

The candidate should be aware of the imperative details about the IBPS IT Officer post and its related exam. The significant factor affecting a candidate selection is the preparation. If a candidate’s preparation is stellar, then definitely a chance for getting selected is going to increase in tough competition with thousands or lakhs of candidates applying for the job across India.

The roadmap to success can be best navigated by the aspirants with the help of good directions and the good directions could only be guided to the candidate once they have complete planned details with complete knowledge and other IBPS IT officer preparation tips and tactics as well.

IBPS IT Officer Preparation Plan

IBPS Preparation for IT officer is not an arduous task aspirant. You have to organize your IBPS IT officer preparation in a very well-structured manner so that no topic is left uncovered and the main points which could help the candidate should be noted down. Prepare means ready.

Check IBPS IT Officer Salary

So your IBPS IT Officer preparation should be in such a way that you leave no stone unturned to grab the highest scores.

So, IBPS aspirants I have made the task of IBPS preparation for IT officers easy for you.
Through this post, you will get to learn how to prepare for IBPS IT officer?
Let’s get going!

What to Prepare for IBPS IT Officer Exam?

IBPS IT Officer Exam Pattern
Students you must be pondering about how to prepare for IBPS IT officer? Right, first and foremost steps towards the IBPS preparation for IT officers are you need to be well-versed about the exam pattern.

The exam pattern is generally divided into 4 sections.

Sr No. Test Name Qns. Marks Duration
1 Reasoning (रीजनिंग) 50 50 02 hour
2 English Language (अंग्रेज़ी) 50 25
3 Quantitative Aptitude (मात्रात्मक रूझान) 50 50
 Total 150 125

The first section of reasoning will consist of 50 questions with maximum marks 50. This section consists of the puzzle, seating arrangement in circular and linear, input and output, syllogism, statement based questions, and data sufficiency, inequality, alphanumeric series etc. would be included in the syllabus for reasoning section.

The second section of the English language will have 50 questions with maximum marks 25 with 0.5 marks for each question. This section would consist of reading comprehension, Para jumbles, spotting error/ spelling error, cloze test, fill in the blanks, sentence correction etc. The most scoring topics are spotting the error, cloze test, sentence arrangement, and improvement.

The third section of quantitative aptitude will have 50 questions with maximum marks allotted is 50. This section would include the following topics data interpretation, quadratic equation, simplification, data sufficiency, many other miscellaneous topics such as age, simple and compound interest, profit and loss, percentage, time and work, permutations and combinations, time, speed and distance etc. All the topics in one way or other would prove to be a scoring topic.

The last and fourth section of professional knowledge will consist of 50 questions with maximum allotted marks 75. The marks for each question would be 1.5. The topics covered under the syllabus for the professional knowledge section is a database management system, data communication, and networking, computer organization and structure, operating system, software engineering, internet awareness etc.

IBPS SO Mains Exam Pattern For the Post of IT Officer

Sr No. Test Name Qns. Marks Duration
1 Professional knowledge (व्यावसायिक ज्ञान) 60 60 45 Minutes

The most scoring topic would be DBMS and Data communication as more than 55% of the professional knowledge section would have questions related to this topic only.

Check Complete IBPS IT Officer Syllabus here.

The above-mentioned information is for the exam and the topics covered under it. The candidate needs to undergo the entire information related to exam pattern which could help him/ her to prepare well. The concept of negative marking is also there in the exam wherein for every wrong answer 0.25 marks would be deducted from the total score.

IBPS IT Officer Preparation Tips
Comrades let’s just began with IBPS IT officer preparation tips for the preliminary exam.

The most important thing to remember is that the score of IT prelims will not be added to the overall marks which would be considered for final selection. This means there is no need to be topper or score maximum marks in IT prelims.

Clearing the prelims is enough. In order to get shortlisted for the main exam, the candidate has to attain a sufficiently high overall score. In addition to the overall score, the candidate must clear the sectional cut-offs for all the sections.

Candidate must focus on the following IBPS IT officer’s preparation tips

A. Time management- It is concerned with how you attempt the question paper to ensure you do not miss any questions. How to divide the time between sections and in what order questions should be attempted? How much time each question on an average should be given?
B. Accuracy- It is making sure that you minimize the number of wrong answers and negative marking so that marks per question gets maximized which leads to an increase accuracy.
C. Speed- How to improve the speed to attempt questions faster? How to do quick calculations? How to increase reading speed?

The above-mentioned factors would form the basis for any preparation guide. Apart from the above factors, the candidate should also go through all the mock test papers for the purpose of revision.

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IBPS IT Officer Exam Centers IBPS IT Officer Question Papers
IBPS IT Officer Admit Card IBPS IT Officer Books PDF

Section-wise Preparation Strategy

Now we will draw light on IBPS IT officer cracking tips. You need to adhere step by step IBPS IT officer preparation tips to grab great scores.

Section wise IBPS IT officer preparation would help the candidate to understand the different tips and techniques which could be useful for scoring good marks in all the sections of the exam.

The candidate has to clear the sectional cut off also. So securing good marks is must and for that, the preparation tips would help the candidate to make their preparations accordingly.

How to Prepare English for IBPS IT Officer?

Candidates if you are searching for IBPS IT Officer English preparation then you are at the right place. Check Complete IBPS English Syllabus Topics here.
Let’s have a quick glance at the following

Check for the Grammar: Grammar is the backbone of the English language. Candidates must have a firm hold on grammar. How to Prepare English Grammar for Bank Exam?

Vocabulary Preparation: English vocabulary for IBPS Exam includes various topics questions you should start using words to make your vocabulary perfect.

For this section, you must have some reading habits like English newspapers, magazines, books, etc. it will also increase your overall general knowledge about the world. Use other sources also like watch English channels, news, movies, etc.

Listen carefully and also practice with lots of questions related to the vocabulary section that proper use of words to enhance your knowledge for this section. Check more details on How to Prepare English for IBPS Exams?

How to Prepare Reasoning for IBPS IT Officer?

The candidates need to pay special attention and focus more on analytical reasoning than logical reasoning. Shortcuts would not help in this section. Check Complete IBPS Reasoning Syllabus Topics here.

Candidates should practice hard and it should be on daily basis. The reasoning section is the section which could be proved as a game changer section for the candidate.
The need to formulate the proper strategy is must to score well in the exam.

The first thing is to understand the concept, which would help the candidate to attempt the question. More and more practice will make the concept stronger. Check more details on How to Prepare Reasoning for IBPS Exams?

How to Prepare Quantitative Aptitude for IBPS IT Officer?

This is one of the toughest sections to crack. There is no scope for guessing in this section. This section checks the mathematical ability of the candidates. Check Complete IBPS Aptitude Syllabus Topics here.

The candidates must focus on the theoretical part and short learn the shortcut techniques for cracking this section.

Candidates should divide all Questions in Quant section into two categories: Easy and Scoring Questions and Time-consuming questions. Accuracy and speed are very important in this section. Check more details on How to Clear Aptitude Paper in IBPS Exams?

How to Prepare Professional Knowledge for IBPS IT Officer?

This section has direct and straightforward questions based on the syllabus. For this section, the candidate should go through the academic books of the graduation or B. Tech level. Check Complete IBPS English Syllabus Topics here.

This is how one can prepare by mastering the subjects that the candidate has already studied. The candidate should prepare well as professional knowledge paper is highest marks paper in SO Exam it contains 75 marks out of 200. Check more details on How to Prepare Professional Knowledge IBPS Exams?

Last Minute Tips to Crack IBPS IT Officer exam

Students often search related to how to prepare for IBPS IT officer in a downtime. I have come up with the IBPS IT officer cracking tips last-minute tips for you.
What are you waiting let’s take a quick read at the following easy tips for IBPS IT officer 2018

Short notes: The shorter the things, the more the brain will capture.
The candidate must make small notes while studying or reading any topic as it can help them during the exam time.

For quick revision purpose, the short notes are the most important weapon as shorter or small things are easier to remember than to remember large and heavy notes.

Online Mock test: The mock tests are a kind of pre-test which are for practicing once the whole syllabus is covered by the candidate.

It is the best tool which can help the candidate to score good marks and also give an opportunity for candidates to get aware of the online exam atmosphere, exam pattern, allow them to manage time as they would understand at which section they need to focus more and also improved their accuracy so that the exam could be conducted in a speedy but accurate manner.

Shortcut techniques: Shortcuts are the ways which take less time to reach the solution to a problem. The shortcuts are very useful for candidates appearing in the exam.

The candidates should learn the techniques and should also learn how to apply those techniques. The practice for the application of shortcuts techniques should also be done.

Apart from the above-mentioned IBPS IT officer’s preparation tips some other IBPS IT officer cracking tips such as time management, regularity and reading would also help the candidate in the exam cracking?

Hard work is the key to success. The more hard work the more chances of getting success.
Good luck to all the candidates!!!


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