IBPS Clerk Vs SSC CHSL Difference (Salary, Exam Pattern, Career) Which is better?

IBPS Clerk Vs SSC CHSL: Which job is better IBPS Clerk or SSC CHSL?

Hello job aspirants! It solely depends on your choices and preferences to choose a career. It all depends on your priorities. Government jobs are considered as among the most sought after and secured job widely chosen by youth.

The department of IBPS and SBI recruit thousands of candidates into the banking system as Clerk every year. The Staff Selection Commission organizes SSC CHSL exam for recruitment to various Central Government Departments and ministries like the Central Secretariat Service, CBI, Ministry of Railways/ External Affairs /Defense, CAG, Central Vigilance Commission, Intelligence Bureau, etc.

This article describes and clears your doubts about the difference between IBPS Clerk and SSC CHSL?

Difference Between IBPS Clerk Vs SSC CHSL

Many of us have the presumptions that SSC CHSL jobs are much preferable than that of bank clerk?

Job Aspirants it is not always true there are both pros and cons of every job.
Your choice must solely depend on your priority.

Both of the jobs have certain similarities and dissimilarities in the certain aspect. It is quite complicated to justify which is the option worth selection.

You need not worry, this post; we will evaluate the similarity and difference between IBPS Clerk job and SSC CHSL both of the jobs to make it easy for you.

You must have thorough knowledge about the job profile of both the posts to arrive at a meaningful conclusion.

Both the jobs are challenging and provide with numerous growth opportunity in future.
SSC CHSL vs Bank Clerk: An overview

Both the jobs are safe and secure. After the selection procedure, you will be debuted in the government department and public sector banks. attrition rate is usually low as compared to the private bank.

Pay Scale Difference

Talking about the pay-scale, after the 7th-pay commission, SSC, CHSL pay will be considerably higher than that of the bank clerks. Although, comrades the salary difference is not that major.

If pay scale is your main criteria then it is suggested to serve the bank for considerable tenure and then switch to the private banks.
Hierarchical growth and promotion.

IBPS Clerk Salary and Career SSC CHSl Salary and Career

The bank clerk is given the opportunity to be promoted as branch manager and area manager.
Undoubtedly promotion in banks is faster than that of SSC CHSL.

Work Pressure Difference

Participants work pressure in SSC, CHSL job is low as compared to the bank clerk.
Work profile of bank clerk is tiring as it consists as it deals with the public directly.
Work of bank clerk includes general banking and administrative tasks. Bank clerk job profile may be tiring after 2 months.

But in SSC CHSL, a workload is moderate and work is not boring.
Bank clerk has entitled much wider and rich exposure as compared to the SSC CHSL.
Job office/timings
The timing of both the job posts is the same. But due to high work pressure, however, the workload of a bank not allows the bank clerk to go home on time.
Posting and transfer
The problem with a bank clerk is that bank clerk is usually posted to rural areas where there is no facility made available to them.


Which Job is better: SSC CHSL or Bank Clerk?

Candidates no job is good bad or bad it depends on your priorities.
To make the decision easy for you I have elaborated the reason below

Why a bank clerk?

Why people consider bank clerk job

  • Those who wish to pursue a career in banking sector usually opt bank clerk post.
  • The bank clerk is secured and safe job and is a great option when you are willing to spend entire life as a banker.
  • You can learn and switch to private banks after considerable work experience this can’t happen in SSC CHSL jobs.
  • Banks has its own lucrative perks and allowances which attract the people to go for bank clerk job.
    If you are competent enough and you want to get promoted to the higher echelons of a bank, then certainly bank clerk is better.
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Now, let us move forward to why you must opt for SSC CHSL

  • Work pressure in SSC CHSL jobs are relatively low
  • High job security
  • The employee working with SSC CHSL is transferred after 4 to 5 years of seniority and work experience, unlike bank clerks where transfers took place after every two years.
  • The pay scale of SSC CHSL job is higher than that of bank clerk after the 7th pay commission.
  • The workload is moderate and not tiring unlike bank clerk’s post

Participants you have to decide which kind of job you have to land in
SSC CHSL Vs Bank Clerk -Which is better (especially for Girls)?

Most frequently asked question we have received from the participants is which is the best option for girls SSC CHSL OR Bank Clerk

Let’s look at the following explanation to this

  1. The girl can make their carrier in lower division clerk or data entry. In bank women’s are not transferred to the interior regions.
  2. They are generally posted to the region located near to their residence.
  3. The bank clerk is most sought after and well-preferred option for girls in such cases
  4. The Job/office timings of SSC CHSL timings are much convenient than that of a bank clerk. Hence, considering our society & culture, a girl considers office timing and workload factor in making her preference. From this perspective, the SSC CHSL Clerical job appears more preferable.
  5. The office timing of the banking clerk depends on the banking operations of the branch
    There is the special provision of quota for girls in the government department. However, promotions will be awarded merely when there will be departmental vacancies and merit list.
  6. Bank follows a steady procedure of promotion, unlike SSC CHSL where the promotion procedure is slow. Promotion takes place in the bank after regular intervals. There is a high possibility of promotion of internal staff in the bank.

Posts under SSC CHSL
• Postal assistant/sorting assistant
• Data entry reporter
• Lower division clerk
• Court clerk

Career progress is considerably high in SSC CHSL clerk posts. After minimum work experience can climb up the seniority post.

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SSC CHSL Vs Bank Clerk conclusion
Dear readers
First of all, no job is worst or good. It all depends on what you wish to opt.
Just make sure that the pros outweigh the cons while choosing the job.

So why not take the plunge and see which job is the best suitable?
Both the jobs titles are dignified and secured. Government jobs are indeed a great option because of the great work-life balance, stability, and long-term career and salary off course.

Participants Depending on your priorities. If you want to get promoted to the higher echelons of a bank, then certainly the bank clerk is better. And if you want less work pressure and good work-life balance then CHSL is better. Decide!

Job aspirants from the above article, we can conclude that the salaries, social status, job satisfaction, job challenges, and promotions all vary between SSC CHSL and Bank Clerk.
One can opt either depend upon their caliber, personality, preferences, and family support

I hope the above-detailed guide on “SSC CHSL vs BANK CLERK” is designed to help you out making the right choice.

There will be both pros and cons of every job. Make sure that you arrive a just decision for yourselves.

If you had a great time reading the above content share it among friends and comrades.
If have any suggestion pertaining to the post please feel free to connect with us through the comment section mentioned below.

Our agenda is to provide useful guidance to you. Our experts will get back to your queries as early as possible.
Thank you and have a nice day. All the best for future endeavors.

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