How to Prepare for RRB Entrance exam? Railway Recruitment Board Exam Guide

How to prepare for the RRB Entrance exam?

Government job is a dream for millions of individuals who participate in the competitive exams every year for the vacant posts. Indian railway being the largest employer in the government undertaking sector is a priority for every Indian national. Indian railway organizes the recruitment drive through Railway Recruitment Board (also known as RRB).

RRB organizes tests and interviews every year to fill up the posts for multiple disciplines which ranges from foreman to the engineers. Every year almost 1 lakh posts are filled by the RRB, and more than 10 crores of individuals participate in the recruitment process. Like every exam, it is important to strategize and plan for the exam to be able to get through in the tough competitive environment.

If you are unaware about the exam or the kind of roles you can get from it, you can find it out on an online forum like Pagalguy. However, if you already are familiar with the roles, then here are the 5 most important tips which will surely help you in the RRB exams:

  1. Know your exam pattern: It is important to understand the pattern of the exams. Here are some questions that you need to look answers for:
  2. In how many phases the exam will be conducted?: as nowadays most of the government exams have 2 phases one is the preliminary phase and the second one is the mains.
  3. In how many parts the exam paper is divided?: In case of RRB the preliminary or CBT 1 exam is divided into 4 parts namely: Mathematics, General Reasoning, General awareness, and 4th part relates to the type of exam for instance in case of engineers the fourth part will be general science, in case of accountants it will be basic accounts or for some positions it can be general English as well.
  4. Know the details of your exam: Once you are done with the exam pattern, the next step is to understand the important details of your exam. Some of the important details you should check are:
  • The marking criteria or pattern of the exam, to understand if there is a negative marking on wrong answers or not. Generally, in the case of RRB, there is a negative marking of 1/3rd of the total marks allocated to that question.
  • The timeframe of the exam is another important aspect; one should be well aware of the total timeframe of the exam, in case of RRB the preliminary or CBT I exam is generally of 90 minutes and the second exam CBT II is of 120 to 180 minutes depending upon the position.
  • CBT stands for the computer-based test, and in case of RRB, the tests are undertaken electronically by way of a computer-based test.
  • It is also important to remember that the exams of RRB are objective based on where every question has four different choices, and one has to make a choice based on knowledge or working.
  1. Making a strategy for each subject and putting down important topics to prepare for the exam

First of all, make a list of all the important topics for the exam, the important topics are always provided by the RRB, these topics must be plotted on paper to ensure you are aware of the syllabus.

The next part is to make a strategy for preparation. For making the strategy, one important aspect is to prepare a dedicated timetable based on your daily routine and they the subjects or topics must be allocated by days and timeframe to ensure you cover each and every topic for the exam.

The recommendation would be allocated more time to subject, which is not your strong part to ensure that part is taken care of. It is also important to note and understand that in RRB exam selection is not about the number of questions you got right in a particular part, but it is about getting more than the aggregate marks in each subject which are required to go through the test.

  1. Learn and do the practice of sample questions

While many people say, that practice makes a man perfect well this saying is actually true in case of RRB exam preparation, you must be passionate enough to practice for the exam dedicatedly.

The key Wto passing this exam is to understand the subject, gaining knowledge, and keep practicing the questions which relate to that topic. It is also important to track down your progress as if there is any improvement in the learning process or not.

The improvement can be measured by the number of questions you are getting right every time you are practicing.

  1. Keep track of your time

Last but certainly not the least it is important to track your time you are taking while solving or practicing the question because the timeframe is limited for RRB exam it is important to make a strategy to solve the question within that timeframe. So keep tracking your time by using a stopwatch and keep practicing to improve your accuracy and speed of solving questions.

In the end, we wish all the RRB aspirants good luck to shine in the exam.