DBMS Questions for IBPS Bank Exam Complete Guide

DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (DBMS) | DBMS Questions for IBPS Bank Exam with Notes

DBMS Definition – A Database management system is a collection of related data of a database. DBMS system is creating for a specific purpose of data. Which database we use in DBMS software it can be of any complexity and any size.

What is Database management system?

DBMS is a collection of many programs, which is used to manage data, functions of system software. We can say that DBMS concept is system software for managing and creating databases. With the help of database management system users easily maintain data.

DBMS basics are very useful for multiple users they can easily generate the database, manipulating and controlling information in the proper way.
DBMS manages some important things- the database engine, the database which allows data to be modified and database schema.
Examples of DBMS –
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and IBM DB2, etc.

Types of Database management system

Different types of DBMS are as follows:-

  1. Hierarchical database
  2. Network database
  3. Relational database
  4. Object-oriented database

1. Hierarchical Database
In the hierarchical database, one data is subordinate to another data which represents a relationship between parent and child.
2. Network database
Network database poses a relationship between many of many data of the database. It is a structure in the form of the graph.
3. Relational database
It is also called RDBMS. RDBMS shows three relations between relationship, domain, and attributes. In RDBMS, we used rows and columns for database structure.
4. Object-oriented database
The object-oriented database consists of two object elements a piece of data and instructions. But they are costly to develop.

Advantages of database

A) In DBMS ADVANTAGE, we can Easily store data and manage at the overhead level.
B) DBMS provides access programs with end users and application.
C) DBMS using the same data while managing database data integrity.
D) Data security level performance is in an excellent manner.
E) In DBMS simple access to (API) application programming interface.
F) Robust data easily and integrity of capabilities.

Disadvantages of DBMS

A) The complexity of the functionality makes a complex piece of software.
B) The size of complexity makes many of software which occupies many megabytes.
C) Sometimes its performance is very typical to create.
D) The cost of DBMS is higher for structured.

Functions of Database Management System

Database management system essential concepts are based on features of DBMS.

  • In DBMS hardware using for keeping files and manage. DBMS include many machines designed to support system of the database.
  • DBMS include many data dictionaries for management which are used for storing data and transformation.
  • Data security management is also a function. Which is used for many of data integrity?
  • Database management system functions provide multiple users to access and control.
  • Database management tool provides data recovery and backup safety.
  • Database management system importance is a must for management software data in a computer.

List of DBMS Software

Here are some important database technologies which are useful for managing database tool list of database management system are as follows-

  1. IBM DB2
  5. SAP Sybase ASE
  6. MySQL
  8. FileMaker
  9. Microsoft Access
  10. Informix

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