How to Crack IBPS Bank Exam Without Coaching in First Attempt?

How to Crack IBPS Bank Exams without doing Coaching? Tips – Shortcut Tricks and Proper Study Plan Complete Guide

Hello, Friends IBPS Recruitment Guide brings you the latest article on IBPS bank exam preparation by Self Study?

How to Crack IBPS Bank Exam? Self-Study Plan

“Self-Study is the best study”. You must have listened to this famous phrase often from many people. But can this phrase be justified everywhere, especially when there is a subject matter of competitive exams like Bank exams? Certainly not!

We usually came across many coaching centers at nearly every side roads providing their intelligent knowledge to more than 15 lac students per year. “Is it possible to crack bank exam without coaching classes?” Every other person, in India, is found as a victim of the ‘tug of war’ in the competition.

This competition race has compelled aspirants to spend thousands of money and join a number of coaching centers so as to get proper direction to achieve their respective goals like IBPS Exam.

But what happens to those, who lag behind in the race of competition just because of the lack of money or time. Those, who are however well knowledgeable and intelligent students but due to lack of proper guidance via experts, they deprive to get jobs.

We are talking about the incapable aspirants and those who have a shortage of time or who do not prefer to go in coaching institutes for some reason. We have often come around for a question by these kinds of students that” how they can crack bank exams without taking help of tuition’s”.

Today we have tried our best to bring the answers to all their worries along with their solutions. The readers are requested to please read this article thoroughly and find the secrets of How to Crack IBPS without coaching? We hope that this article will help you in some way.

This year top institutions like the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) and State bank of India (SBI) is going to conduct various exams for different posts such as


Before starting your studies yourself, it is very much essential to take a deep emphasis upon the new pattern of ibps exam. Do a lot of research over the internet or take help of experts for the concerning exam on grounds of different vectors.

Vectors such as the proper topic wise bank exam syllabus of each subject, the number of subjects involved with their marks distribution, the time management in bank exams, and the number of tiers like (Prelims and mains) involved in the exam to crack for final selection.

Take note that every bank paper has a condition that on every subject, the sectional cut-off is carried out and you have to pass those sectional cut-offs and the overall cut-off of the whole exam as well. Going inside a little deeper, there is a criterion that on every wrong answer you will lose .025 marks which are known as negative marking in bank exam. So, be alert while burning yourself in the struggle.

All these will be needed on your initial step of How to Prepare for Bank Exams? Also, take help of previous year papers to take an idea about the kind of questions asked in the bank exams every time. This will help you a lot because if you avoid the basic exam pattern then all your studies will give you nothing but a big ZERO. IBPS Exam Preparation Test-Series Pdf Download.

Latest IBPS PO Exam Pattern Latest IBPS Clerk Exam Pattern

Major questions on this topic from students are

Best Ways to Crack Bank Exam

BENEFITS OF PREPARING AT HOME – Actually, this is an irony. We cannot say with 100% surety that going in coaching centers or doing self-studies provides you the better result. This all depends on the candidate’s dedication towards studies and the sensitivity of the schedule which he/she follows daily.

A coaching student with a bad schedule of study and a self-studying student with bad time-management might fail in exams. So, the chances of being a failure are often in both cases.

But, a serious initiative towards self-studies can benefit a candidate in many ways, then a coaching taking student. These are the advantages and tricks to crack bank exam.

  • The student has his own timetable to follow for studies and he can pick any subject for which he is more concern about.
  • The self-study makes student even more studious. The student came across many doubts while studying for which he keeps on researching to get answers which clean his/her doubts side by side thereby clearing his all related basics and minute but important points ultimately.
  • There are many minute(short) things which the examiner asks in exams to test your IQ but these minute things are not picked in the coachings due to lack of time or lengthy syllabus. In fact, the candidates are expected to discover these minute things on their own and this can happen only by studying themselves.
  • Self-study keeps aside various kinds of restrictions from the student, being that limit to learning particular subjects, handling other emerging issues in their own way.
  • It raises the student’s level of accepting and winning challenges and enhances their level of productivity (thinking capability).
  • Self-study covers your every single topic from every angle so, compared to coaching students, the basics and deep knowledge of the former are at a good level.
  • Self-made notes are far better than the artificial notes provided in institutions. Your own notes can be understood by you only and which you made yourself cannot be carbon by others easily.
  • Free IBPS PO Mock Test Series
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How to Crack IBPS Exam in first Attempt?


  1. Make a proper timetable for your study first and devote yourself totally in studies because nowadays competition is fighting with the competition itself.
  2. Whatever topic you pick for each day, just practice right from the scratch so that you do not face doubts at later stages.
  3. Pick topics step by step. Like, don’t pick a combination permutation topic before doing probability. First, do probability and then combination permutation.
  4. How to Prepare for IBPS Exam at Home? – Always prefer authorized ibps bank exam books only. It is seen that some students purchase any book from the market which frequently produces wrong data which is a poison for students fighting. At least, the authorized books give you the guarantee of their data. And you can even raise a case against the author or the exam in case your answers are wrongly manipulated or calculated in exams.
  5. There are a lot of tutorials on every subject over the internet. Every tutor has his own way of solving the problems. Don’t go all through of them and don’t try to follow every tutor’s formula for solving the same doubt. Because this will consumes your energy and lot of precious time. Just follow your one idol and keep on practicing it.
  6. Do not divert yourself from your regular schedule. Skipping studies even a single day can destroy your whole studies which you have maintained until the day. So, be alert!
  7. Solve mock test papers as many as you can. Bring Bank last year question papers and keep on solving them. Don’t forget to manage your time also while solving paper; it is really a very important job to consider.
  8. It is one of the best strategies to crack ibps bank exam – Avoid once those questions in which you have little confidence or which is going to take much time. First, solve those in which you are more confident because this will save your lot of time and also provide the surety of the number of right questions. Attempt the hard or time-consuming questions at the end.
  9. Go library. We personally believe that the library gives you that environment and vibrations which boost your inner energy to study more and with more interest and focus.
  10. it’s better to study in groups. Exchange your doubts there and find solutions. Exchange of knowledge will help you to get more valuable information.
  11. Last, but not the least, don’t let your trust down in yourself. Just keep your goal in your mind and direct your focus in studies only.
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  14. How to Crack IBPS Aptitude Test?
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Important Points to Consider in Study Plan 

Follow these Tricks to crack ibps bank exam

  1. Solve mock test papers and last year question papers.
  2. Enhance your solving capacity within minimum time.
  3. Focus on those subjects more in which you are weaker.
  4. Keep distance from people who put your confidence down.
  5. Take a view on your solved paper. Analyze your wrong attempted questions and skipped ones also. Again solve them and understand the concepts. You can take help of experts also.
  6. Join test series in institutions online. Online bank exam preparation, you can give the test online also while sitting at your home.
How to Prepare for IBPS PO Exam? How to Prepare for IBPS Clerk Exam?
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How to Prepare for Bank Exam at Home? Nowadays, there are some coaching centers who are providing online test services to students and which also gives you the real feeling of fighting with thousands of students who are connected with the institution. They rank your performance also out from the number of connected students who appeared in the exam.

In this way, you can track your performance also that at which place you are standing if you ranking in the top or in the middle then it’s ok. But if it is little down, then there is a need to reform your plans and seriously follow these given tips to crack bank exam.

How to Crack IBPS English Paper? Useful Tips

English is a scoring subject too. Those have good command on it, they will score good marks. One of the topmost question of banking exam aspirants How to Score good marks in English in bank exams?

Check these given Bank exam English tricks –

  • Learn new words each day, and antonym of the same words side by side. ‘Word power’ book will help you out with this. Check the related article on How to Improve English Grammar for Bank Exams?
  • Frame 15 minutes at least for daily to read English newspapers or your favorite novels.
  • Follow ‘Grammarly’, ‘BUSSU-Learn English’, and English Grammar tools, which will help you to improve your vocabulary and grammar skills.
  • Check IBPS Bank Exam English Syllabus Topics properly here.
  • Solve practice-sets daily and find out which topic confused you most and give a push to your understanding level.
  • Never begin your test paper with the passage. it will take a long time to read the whole passage, understand it and attempting the related questions. So, it’d be better to consider at the last minutes of the exam.
  • Take care of the time limit. Don’t waste your time where you feel confused. Just skip them once and proceed to the next questions.
  • Provide a good and deep emphasis on tenses and verb agreements.
  • You should study from good English books for bank exams.
    We suggest”
    the English Grammar & Composition Very Useful for All Competitive Exam and Mirror of common errors”.

Tips to Crack GK for Bank Exams Without Coaching

  1. First of all, understand what is general awareness syllabus for bank exams?
  2. Pick mock papers and observe the questions asked.
  3. Proper Study Plan is the must – Check How to study general awareness for bank exams?
  4. Read newspapers daily and write down useful knowledge in a register every day.
  5. Made tricks to learn things to easily remember the vast GK.
  6. Regularly update yourself on Current Affairs. Check Current Affairs preparation tips for bank exam.
  7. Follow Jagranjosh General knowledge section, GK capsules and online GK tools to remain up to date with General knowledge.
  8. SSC CHSL Data Entry Operator (DEO) Preparation Tips
How to Crack Quantitative Aptitude in ibps without coaching?
  1. Clear your basics first. Start with easy questions and proceed to hard ones gradually.
  2. Check the Quantitative Aptitude syllabus for bank exams in detailed here.
  3. Learn short tricks to quickly solve things. Practice more to achieve a good command of them.
  4. Start your section with easy topics like simplicity, arithmetic, and DI.
  5. Write all formulas at one place like on your wall where you can promptly take a glance while going from there.
  6. Always read the question completely. Don’t take the risk to attempt the question in hurry. This can negate your marks.
  7. Try to solve the question by reading options. To reach this stage you need to practice a lot. It can save a lot of time and these days this trick is in trend.
  8. Learn tables, squares, cubes of numbers till 20 at least on tips to save your calculation time.
  9. Completely avoid guess-work.
  10. IBPS Exam Preparation Test-Series Pdf Download
  11. IBPS Documents for Interview
How to Crack IBPS Reasoning?

Reasoning is relatively a simple subject. But you need to focus on some topics like sitting arrangement, Syllogism, and statements topic because a lot of questions are asked from these topics only and this takes a lot of candidate’s time. So practice more on these sections.

How to Crack Computer Section?

The best way to learn computer is to practice on the computer. Cramping the computer matter would not help you to cross the cut-off.

It would be better if you either join some computer learning institutes or do a self-practice. Only then you’ll be able to attempt any kind of question on your exam. Believe us, this is the most scoring subject if you once understand this and this is the most time saving too. Check major Computer syllabus topics for IBPS Bank Exam.

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Shortcut Tricks to Crack IBPS Bank Exam and Score Good marks

  1. Start from the subject in which you feel more confident.
  2. Avoid time-consuming questions for once and attempt all of them at the very end.
  3. Learn time management by practicing on more mock test papers.
  4. Approach good books.
  5. Join libraries. It’d provide you with a good environment for study.
  6. Try some online preparation for the bank exam. By following these easy steps you can easily crack the bank exam in the first attempt without coaching.
Recommended Best Books to Crack Bank Exams
RS Aggarwal books for Bank Exams
A Modern Approach To Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning (English) Revised Edition
English Grammar & Composition Very Useful for All Competitive Exam 2nd Edition
Arihant Books for Bank Exams
General Awareness books for Bank Exams
Free Mock Test

I hope this article on How to Crack IBPS Exam without Coaching? It helps you a lot in your bank exam preparation. If I missed any point here OR you have something more interesting shares with me here. For any query and suggestion, you can use our comment section given below.

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      1. CCE Institute – 09542103610 – 8-2-632/1/B, Sri sai hostel, Tawakal Nagar, Yellareddy guda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500073
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