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SBI Clerk Salary 2018 Latest Allowances After Wage Revision Promotion

SBI Clerk Salary 2018 with Allowances, Promotion, After Revision and Probation Period + Career Growth Opportunities

State Bank Of India (SBI) is going to publish recruitment notification for SBI clerk officer exam every year. A large number of candidates applying for it. SBI Clerk Exam is the second top most demanding vacancy in India. In topmost of SBI Exam 2018 today here, we are talking about the Latest “SBI Clerk salary” structure 2018 and its allowances, benefits, increments, facilities details etc.

All of the candidates who wants to become a Clerk Officer in SBI Bank must familiar with all details like What is SBI Clerk salary? and What is job profile of SBI Clerk? etc.

SBI Clerk Salary Details

Whether the person is a clerk in SBI or at any other bank, he/she plays the same role in both institutions as a part of their jobs and duties. Due to large extension of SBI in every corner of India places, there is a lot of pressure on SBI clerk employees. A huge crowd also for SBI Exam too.

But this is also a prestige feeling in itself because it enhances and enriches the SBI clerk salary and perks of person day-wise thus increasing their overall personality, dignity, and standard of living.

From the very beginning, when the SBI came into existence, there is a very positive remark and strong goodwill hallmark in the minds of Indian citizens. This is because it has provided its non-stop and fast services to its customers covering every rural and urban cities of India the people feel proud for being the part of SBI because it not only adds perfume in their dignity job but also enhance their personality and overall living standard.

What makes SBI different from a large number of other banking institutions. The one foremost reason is the SALARY. Do you know, that is a salary gap of almost Rs 2000 which establish the difference between the SBI and other banks. major questions from students are

  • How much salary does SBI Clerk get?
  • What is SBI Clerk Salary after revision?
  • What is SBI Clerk Career Growth Opportunities?
  • How much is SBI PO Salary?

What is SBI Clerk Gross Salary?
The gross salary is the overall package which every employee verbs to every asking candidates. It does not include any deductions for taxes or Provident Funds or extra expenses. It is earned by the employee on a monthly or yearly basis. In SBI bank, the gross salary of sbi clerk or say, junior clerk associate is Rs 20000.

What is Basic Salary of SBI Clerk?
This salary is fixed, core and a basic one for every employee in the same cadre. This salary is mandatory to be given to every same category employee, even if he/she has not performed good in business, or achieved bonus or any promotions. This is the literally fixed amount which is fixed by the recognized organizations. According to the bank, SBI Clerk Basic Salary is Rs 7200.

What is Cash in hand salary of SBI Clerk?
As the name indicates, this salary is the amount which is handed to the employee in his/her hand by the employer after deducting it’s all associated and expected deductions, most probably like provident fund and other various taxes. SBI clerk cash in hand salary is around RS 19000 on an average as their take-home pay.

SBI Clerk Salary 2018
Facilities Amount
Basic Pay Rs.11765/-
Special Allowance Rs.911.79/-
DA Rs.5311.58/-
CCA Rs. 0/-
Transport Allowance Rs.425/-
Total (without HRA) Rs.18413.37/-
HRA Rs.1176.5/-
Gross with HRA Rs.19589.87/-
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SBI Clerk Perks and Allowances

SBI Offers various allowance to its employees. These allowances vary according to the posts and location of the job. These allowances are:

  1. Dearness Allowance (DA)
  2. House Rent Allowance (HRA)
  3. Furniture Allowance
  4. House Maintenance Allowance
  5. Books & Magazine Allowance,
  6. Briefcase Allowance
  7. Reimbursement of Telephone Bills etc.

Perks and Allowances provided to SBI Clerk

  • Housing Facility– SBI provides fully facilitated homes on lease to their employees at their location of working. Some call it’s to accommodation services or lease rental facility. All are same.
  • Leave policy– The leave policy of SBI is very attractive. It provides 33 days privilege leave and 12 days casual leaves to employees. The pregnant women have the advantage to remain on leave for 2 years. Single parent or aged parents can also take sabbatical leave for 2 years. These maternal or paternal leave is exclusive to casual and privilege leaves respectively. If the employee wishes to not take privilege leaves then, in that case, he/she can convert their number of leaves in cash.
  • Travel policy– The bank also offers its employees the travel opportunity along with guest houses, holiday homes as a complete package. These clerks are offered to travel major cities or tourist places in India itself.
  • Medical advantage -100% medical benefits are offered to SBI employees. Not this only, their family is also provided the advantage of 75% medical reimbursement in case of any injury, sickness, or hospitalization.
  • Reliable interest rates– The employees have the advantage on behalf of SBI to take over any large asset like Car, home or any kind of loan at very reasonable interest rates.

SBI Clerk Allowances-

DA – “DA” stands for Dearness Allowance. It is the part of salary package which is fixed to meet the needs for cost of living of the employee. Presently, it is 109% of basic pay but it may vary according to the location of the employee.

HRA – House Rent Allowance is given to only those employees who have not their homes or accommodation facility at their location of working. There is a criterion of providing 10% HRA of Basic pay or Rs 800 to clerks in the preamble of SBI. The persons owning their own house are exempted from these benefits.

The individuals who are working in busy and costly cities like Mumbai are given more HRA than that of other cities workers. Here, we have divided the places of states of India according to the cost of living there into three categories- X cities, Y cities and Z cities.

  • CLASS X Cities for Clerk post
    Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Greater Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata.
  • CLASS Y Cities for Clerk post:
    Vijaywada, Warangal, Vishakhapatnam, Guntur, Guwahati, Patna, Chandigarh, Durg-Bhilai Nagar, Raipur, Ahamdabad, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar, Vadodara, Surat Faridabad, Srinagar, Jammu, Jamshedpur, Dhandbad, Ranchi, Balgaon, Hubli-Dharrwad, Mangalore, Mysore, Kozhikode, Kochi, Thiruvannathpuram, Gwalior, Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Amravati, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nashik, Bhiwandi, Pune, Solapur, Kolapur, cuttack, Bhubneshwar, Amritsar, Jalandar, Ludhiana, Pondicherry, Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Salem, Trippur, Coimbatore, Madurai, Dehradun,Moradabad, Meerut, Gaziabad, Aligarh, Agra, Bareily, Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Gorakhpur, Varanasi
  • CLASS Z: all remaining cities will come under Z city category.
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SBI Clerk Career and Promotion Structure

Check What is the starting salary of SBI Clerk?


The above figures show that the sbi clerk starting salary is Rs 7200 as the part of Basic pay and then till 3 years he will be promoted on the basic pay of Rs400 till he gets Rs 8200. Likewise, he will get Rs 19300 at the end of his career ladder.

For Trainee Officer-

The SBI clerk needs to give a written paper to directly jump to Officer cadre from the clerk position.

An exam is conducted internally in the organization itself for the clerk cadre, where the person is entitled to have minimum 3 years of experience along with CAIIB or He/she should have experience if 4 years along with JAIIB or simply should have 6 years of service experience in SBI bank.

For PO Exam
The perks and salary of this officer are same as that of PO. Similarly, for OJM cadre officers, there is also a written examination which is internal in nature.

Minimum eligibility criteria for clerks is to have minimum service experience of 6 years in the bank. Otherwise, 12 years is expected to get promoted under normal promotion channel. The perks are same as that of PO but there is a salary difference between the two, i.e. Rs 6000.

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The clerk has to fill the application form like the other candidates not on job fills and they have to follow the similar process to get selected for PO position. This is external in nature.
Apart from this, there exists a promotion channel within the clerk cadre itself. These positions stand for Senior Assistant, Special Assistant, and Senior Special Assistant.

These three different positions in similar cadre are acquired at different time durations of banking service by the clerk employee.
One who has completed 10 years, 20 years or 30 years of service, is promoted to Sr. Assistant, Special Assistant, and Sr. Special Assistant positions respectively. The special allowance part varies accordingly. Like,
Sr. Assistant- Rs 1800
Special Assistant- Rs 2500
Sr. Special Assistant- Rs 3500

SBI Clerk Post Wise Salary Structure
SBI Senior Assistant Salary Rs.31253.00 – 105447
SBI Assistant Salary (Non-Bank) Rs.21991.00 – 77557.00
SBI Assistant Salary (Banking) Rs.17020 – 133260
SBI Clerk Probation Period Salary Rs.18579 – 75914
SBI Computer Operator Salary Rs.32252 – 75040
SBI Customer Care Assistant Salary Rs.14476 – 84186
SBI Godown Keeper Salary Rs.39574 – 71193
RK/RK cum Cashier Salary Rs.29602 – 99513
SBI Senior Stenographer Salary Rs.48502 – 81052
Spl RK/RK Cashier Rs.56113 – 132678
SBI Spl Stenographer Salary Rs.21152 – 106208
SBI Spl Assistant (Non-Bank) Rs.53873 – 137095
Spl Assistant (Banking) Rs.58782 – 190654
Sr Assistant (Nonbank) Rs.41123 – 107603
Sr Assistant (Banking) Rs.34377 – 165693

Difference Between SBI Clerk and other Bank Clerks

The difference between the two is only of Rs 2000/-. That is, the SBI provides Rs 2000/- more salary to its employees apart from other common allowances and perks. Besides this, it offers the clerks some extra benefits like the scholarship to children of the employees, telephone bill benefits, extra work benefits and all.

SBI PO Salary Vs IBPS PO Salary Difference Between Clerk and PO Salary

Not only this, it provides the clerks the opportunity to expose their talent and job services at various financial platforms due to its vast and quick to avail phenomenon at every city, district, and the state of India. This helps them to understand the different and possible trends of finances thereby providing enrichment in the formula of their overall personality.

What will be Salary of SBI Clerk After Revision?

All bank employee is waiting for sbi clerk salary increment. Approx 20% – 30% growth will be expected in basic salary. Check SBI Clerk salary after 11th Bipartite Wage Settlement.

On the off chance that The Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) concur for 20% increment, Final Basic Pay will be Rs.15, 374. Along these lines, you will get add up to 38.80% of DA and HRA on Basic Pay. Along these lines, add up to Gross Salary of Bank fresher Clerk will be Rs.21, 339/ – (Worst Possible Scenario)

In the event that IBA concurs for 25% addition, Final Basic Pay will be Rs.16,015.So, add up to Gross Salary of Bank fresher Clerk will be Rs.22,228/ – (Somewhat Good)

On the off chance that IBA concurs for 30% addition, Final Basic Pay will be Rs.16, 655. In this way, add up to Gross Salary of Bank fresher Clerk will be Rs. 23,117/ – (Good Settlement)

SBI Clerk Salary after pay revision

Increment (%) Basic Pay Total Gross Salary
15% Rs.14,733/- Rs.20,450/-.
20% Rs.15,374/- Rs.21,339/-
25% Rs.16,015/- Rs.22,228/
30% Rs.16,655/- Rs.23,117/-

And SBI Clerk salary after 7th pay commission will be also in an increasing scenario.

Hope this Complete Guide on “SBI Clerk Salary and Allowances” increase your overall knowledge on this topic. If I missed anything here OR you have some interesting/valuable point for this article in any form like suggestion or query please share with us in comment section given below.

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